Associations of People from Kagoshima
Kagoshima Global KIZUNA Assembly 2018 official Program

Tokyo Welcome Event

Wednesday, 31st October 2018

Details of Welcome Event

Please be advised of the following schedule of the day as of August 9, 2018 and subject to change.
09:30 Oct.31 皇居参観:皇居桔梗門(1)にご集合ください。
Tour of the Imperial Palace
Participants meet at the Kikyo-mon Gate of the Imperial Palace (1).
Please carry your passport or ID.
Transportation to Asakusa to be prepared by Jimukyoku.
12:00 Oct.31 浅草歓迎昼食会(浅草ROX祭り湯)
Welcome Luncheon at Asakusa ROX Matsuriyu(2), Tatami Floor.
Hosted by Asakusa "Okamisan no Kai"
14:00 Oct.31 自由都内視察
Free Time for Shopping & Subway Experiences.
And move to Toranomon Station (G07) by using subway Ginza-Line (25min) and go to Tokai Univ. Club, 35th floor of Kasumigaseki Bldg. by 16:30. Please pay for your transportation expenses by yourself.
17:00 Oct.31 北米移住ドキュメンタリー映画
「夢は咲く 内田善一郎と難民移民たちの60年」上映
Screens Documentary Movie: 'Dream Blossoms- 60 years of Zenichiro Uchida and the Refugee Immigrants-'
produced by Kenjin in Gilroy, California U.S.A. at Tokai Univ. Club, 35F Kasumigaseki Bldg.
18:00 Oct.31 歓迎レセプション
Welcome Gala
at The Tokai Univ. Club (4), 35th Floor of Kasumigaseki Bldg., next to Tranomon station (G07).
◇Screens Documentary Movie
'Dream Blossoms- 60 years of Zenichiro Uchida and the Refugee Immigrants-'
at The Tokai Univ. Club.
Access to The Tokai Univ. Club, Kasumigaseki Nearest subway station:
Tokyo Metro Toranomon station (G-07)
Access to The Tokai Univ. Club
◇ Welcome Remarks by Gov. Mitazono of Kagoshima Pref.
PC画像 スマホ画像
◇ Welcome Remarks by Inamori, Founder, Kyocera Corporation.
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References: Railway and Location Maps
(1)The Kikyo-mon Gate of the Imperial Palace
PC画像 スマホ画像
(2)Asakusa Map
PC画像 スマホ画像
(3)Subway Map
Map Subway Metro Ginza-Line Asakusa-Station G-19
PC画像 スマホ画像
From Metro Asakusa Station (G-19), take Ginza-Line (yellow body) for SHIBUYA,
then reach Toranomon Staion (G-07) in 25min, via Ueno, Nihombashi and GINZA.
◇Please register your participation with your Kenjinkai. Although the above official program participation fee is free, round-trip travel expenses will be borne by participants.
◇Since there will be the largest festival “Ohara Matsuri” in Kagoshima city at that time, we recommend you to confirm the itinerary early.
Let's enjoy Playing Golf in Tokyo
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Date & Time:October 30, Tuesday All Participants Meet at 09:00 a.m. (Tee Off at 09:30)
Venue:Chiyoda Country Club at Kasumigaura City, Ibaragi Pref.
Play Fee: JPY 15,156 incl. Caddy Fee, Lunch and Tax. (Your own settlement)
Entry fee: JPY 3,000 (for Prizes and Party)
Club Rental Fee: JPY4,000
Click image for Country Club page
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